Friday, August 8, 2014

August 9, 2014 (Part 3)

[See scan below]

Someone handed me this calling card upon entering Mercado Central. I was too lazy to use my travel log to  log the times so I used this card instead.


The omnipresent Andes is so long and so big that it blocks the sun for a good amount of time, giving the morning glow more time to linger. The plaza was empty. Too early for the hustle and bustle but [has] just [have] the right lighting. I decided to walk around to have some opportunity to shoot and survey the place.

By 7:50 I decided to go to Mercado Central, and maybe La Vega after that. The market has been my bread and butter and I thought my luck would be better there.

By past 8 I was there, diss almost disappointed. People [had] just started on setting up their stalls, which is weird. I used to tend to my lola's market stall when I was in college, and back then we open the stall around 3:30 to 4 in the [morning], an the market was already busy buzzing. I guess it's all about I guess people here go to the market late, hence they don't need to open early. Mercado Central is a closed-roof market with most stalls selling seafood with some restaurants. The good thing about closed-roof markets [are] that most stalls are well illuminated by bulbs, a lot of bulbs, coming from all sides that gives interesting and tricky lighting.

[to be continued]